Over 10 Years Experience

Because I’m interested in so many things, and have spent so many years as a freelancer, I’m a Swiss Army knife. This means I like using CSS, and also enjoy design, writing and public speaking. I love wearing many hats and trying new things. If I sit down to learn something, I pick it up fairly effortlessly. 

More Than A Web Designer

I’m an effective “Geek-to-English Translator”, who works well with both technical and non-technical staff, vendors, and clients.

I’m a team-player and I want to be where I can be of the most use. I’m often one of the first to volunteer for a project. I’m also that person that says what everyone is thinking (tactfully). At the end of the day, it’s about the customer and the people that serve them. We’re all in this together!

I Make EFFECTIVE Websites

My primary interest is web design, but with my diverse background, I’m open to a variety of opportunities. I am adaptable and know how to learn. Best of all: I love learning new things!

I am looking for a smaller business that truly believes in work-life balance. Not just lip service. At my age, I’m done with taking work home with me every night.

My Work

See my portfolio and get to know my design style.

Experienced Web Designer

I’m looking to work for a company that gets that a 9 to 5 life isn’t very satisfying.

Work-life balance is very important to me. I’m too old to be interested in taking my work home any more. Let’s work together and find a nice balance!