Experienced Web Designer

You need someone that knows how to design an effective website. In addition to working freelance for 20 years, I’ve worked in corporate jobs for businesses such as AT&T and Fossil.

I don’t just make things beautiful. I make them work great as well.

An effective website isn’t just a bunch of pretty pictures and nice fonts. It’s a marketing tool that gets you results. I can help you select the best imagery and even write your content. 

My Design Process

Making a website is a team effort. I need your input to make a great website. I need to know all about you and your business so I make a website that reflects you and your brand.


I start by getting to know you and your business. I want to know your goals, and all about your customer base. I may also spend time researching your industry and competitors. 


It is best to design around content so we’ll need your text and imagery first. Poor web design is making a site and then shoving content onto the pages. You’ll either get mockups, or maybe a wireframe first so we can ensure we have a good layout to work with.


Once we’ve agreed on site structure, and look and feel, I start the coding. Most sites I create are in WordPress. This is a great framework that is free and easy-to-use for most people. 

Still Together After the Site is Created

Once the site is made, it is best if we continue our relationship. This means that I maintain your website by keeping the site patched for best security. I can also work on the site regularly for improved SEO.

An effective website is always a work in progress. Never make a site and forget about it, or the site won’t bring you the business you need.

I believe in building relationships. Let’s have a lasting partnership so you can continue getting the most from your website.