UX Focused Web Design

I’ve been studying UX methodology and principles for years.

I do more than web design. I’ve designed a lot of the graphics for the sites and some of the logos. 

Most of my sites are created with WordPress.

City Speed Wash

A WordPress site, created using the Divi theme.

This is a new car wash located in Allen, Texas. This was created while I worked for Click4Corp.

I was the web designer and developer for this project. I assisted with the overall design and concept.

Additionally, I worked heavily with the client to create his vision as he had very specific things he wanted on the site. I selected stock photography and worked some Photoshop magic to create the design.

Wings XP Software

I redesigned this website while working for MESA Supplies. They had a very dated design and the information needed a better arrangement for ease of reading. This site was just straight hand-coding, no CMS.

I had to work with their existing site text and had few screenshots for the software. The owner was old school and didn’t even want web fonts on the site.

I kept the design simple and used elements that were already in use on their other websites to keep the design consistent among that suite of sites.

Volume Hookah

Another site created while at Click4Corp. This is a new site for a Richardson, Texas hookah bar that had a new owner. They were rebranding and were looking for a sexy new design.

I created the logo based on a concept by the owner. They loved it and the site colors were pulled from the logo colors.

A lot of work went into stock photography. I haven’t been to a hookah bar before so I made an effort to research them and find accurate imagery, as bars very in style in the U.S. Additionally, American hookah bars are different from those overseas and the stock photography site had photos from hookah bars worldwide.

Summit Roof Service, Inc.

A WordPress site, created using the Divi theme.

Another Click4Corp client, I recreated this DFW area roofer‘s logo and did a custom theme using a child theme for Divi.

This website included a lot of high resolution photography and had a lot of animations.

I spent a lot of time researching stock photography that was accurate for what the roofer worked with. He had very specific specs.

I also had to recreate his logo since he didn’t have the original file. It was created in the 90s and he loved it, so that’s why it’s got so many effects, right down to the lens flare!

Express Carpet Cleaning

Another site created while at Click4Corp. This is a redesign for a North Dallas/Allen, TX carpet cleaning company.

A lot of time was spent researching the right photography to set the overall tone for the site.

They have plenty of calls to action to schedule an appointment, in addition to having customers leave Google reviews.

website for oil painter

Denise Keeping, Artist

A WordPress site, created using the Divi theme.

A work in progress for artist Denise Keeping. This site shows high resolution photos of her fantastic oil paintings!

Red Spruce Capital

A capital investment firm, Red Spruce offers a variety of investment options and is registered with the SEC.

I modified a plain HTML theme they purchased and added content they provided.

Simple HTML site.

Martinez Pottery

A WordPress, e-commerce solution for a business located in Marshall, Texas. They had an older website and outdated cart. I created a new look for them and set them up with an ECWID shopping cart.

I am continuing SEO work for this online pottery store. Take a look! They do great work and you may just decide you want to buy pottery too!

Hector U. Velazquez - Photographer

Custom theme modification in WordPress for a local DFW photographer. Take a look and check out the beautiful imagery and cool site animations. Also a WordPress website.

Richardson AnimaLuv

A WordPress site, created using the Divi theme.

This was another Click4Corp client. It is a non-profit that had an older, out-of-date website. AnimaLuv is an animal shelter in Richardson, Texas.

I handled the redesign. The client can now make additions on their own.